Paxten Aaronson – The USMNT Bright Spot in the Serie A

Paxton Aaronson has quickly become one of the brightest spots in the Serie A for USMNT fans. The 22-year-old midfielder joined Sassuolo from Major League Soccer’s Atlanta United in 2019 and has since been a key player for his new side, helping them to a fourth place finish this season.

Aaronson possesses a wide range of technical abilities, from his passing and agility to his vision and ability to create chances. He also has shown an impressive composure on the ball, rarely giving it away in tight spaces. Despite being deployed primarily as an attacking midfielder for Sassuolo, he often drops deep into midfield to help out defensively too.

The youngster’s most impressive trait is perhaps his knack for scoring important goals. This season alone he scored four times in Serie A, including the winner against Inter Milan in February that moved Sassuolo up to fourth place in the table.

On top of all this, Aaronson is still young and yet to reach his peak potential, which makes him an exciting player for USMNT fans to keep an eye on for the future. With a couple more impressive seasons under his belt, he could very well become one of the most influential American players in European football.

Ultimately, Paxton Aaronson is a player that USMNT fans should be keeping a close eye on, as his performances this season have shown just how much potential he has to offer. He has already begun to make his mark in Serie A and if he continues on this trajectory there’s no doubt we’ll be hearing even more about him soon.

And if all goes according to plan, Aaronson could very well become a key figure for not only Sassuolo but also the USMNT in the years to come. He has already shown that he can make a difference at the highest level, and now it’s just up to him (and his coaches) to continue his development and take his game to the next level.

It’s an exciting time for USMNT fans, as Paxton Aaronson looks set to be one of their top players for years to come. He is a player who could help secure future success not just in Serie A, but also on the international stage with the USMNT. It will be fascinating to keep track of his progress over the coming seasons and see just how far he can go in football.

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