How Simone Inzaghi Led ‘Crazy Inter’ to the Top of Italian Football

Fearless Simone Inzaghi had a mission to end Antonio Conte’s “Pazza Inter” perception and turn Internazionale into an unshakeable force. And that he did – they achieved the 2020-21 Scudetto in record time, not allowing any rivals a chance at the title with 11 clean sheets during their last 21 games! Now, it is no longer “Crazy Inter” but rather “Regular & Strong” for all of Italy to respect.

For the past two years, Inter Milan has been on a wild ride, ever since head coach Antonio Conte took over in 2019. The Italian tactician set out to prove that ‘Crazy Inter’ was still very much alive and well when it came to Serie A dominance. But after an inconsistent first season, it looked as if ‘Crazy Inter’ had run out of steam and Conte’s time at the club may be coming to an end.

That all changed when Simone Inzaghi took over, however. Inzaghi had a vision from day one: he wanted Inter to become an unstoppable force in the Italian top flight, while also regaining the respect of their rivals. It was a tall order for anyone but Inzaghi rose to the challenge and exceeded expectations by leading Inter to the 2020-21 Scudetto title in record time.

This feat alone earned him widespread admiration amongst fans and neutrals alike, as even rival supporters began to acknowledge that this was indeed an impressive achievement. It seems that Simone Inzagh’s arrival has marked a new era for Inter Milan – they are no longer ‘Crazy Inter’ but rather ‘Regular & Strong’, something which is sure to strike fear into opposing teams across Italy and Europe.

To back up this claim, one only needs to look at the numbers: during their last 21 games, Inter achieved 11 clean sheets – more than any other team in Serie A over that period of time – which is a testament to how well organised they have become under Inzaghi’s guidance. He has instilled a sense of discipline within his squad which makes them virtually unbreakable; no matter who their opponents are or what situation they find themselves in, they remain focused until the final whistle blows.

The fact that so many players have raised their game under Inzaghi is also remarkable. Star forwards Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez have both hit career highs this season thanks largely to his influence and tactical acumen; meanwhile veterans such as Samir Handanovic have been inspired by his commitment and dedication towards achieving success at all costs.

It is clear then why Inzaghi has won so many admirers since taking charge of Inter last summer; he has helped rejuvenate them into arguably Europe’s most feared side once again – reminiscent of their glory days under Jose Mourinho back in 2010/11 – with his innovative tactics and meticulous approach to matches proving particularly effective for ‘Inter’.

Ultimately, it appears that ‘Crazy Inter’ are well and truly back but now with Simone Inzaghi firmly at the helm pushing them forward on an upward swing with determination and ambition – qualities which should be celebrated not only by fans of Inter Milan jersey but those associated with football everywhere!

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